Pulpotomy (Baby RCT)

Pulp therapy (pulpotomy) is the treatment of infected nerves and blood vessels in teeth. Pulp therapy generally becomes necessary for two reasons: either as a result of extensive tooth decay (dental cavities) or as the result of tooth injury. Failure to provide the necessary pulp therapy could result in your child experiencing pain, infection, swelling, or loss of the tooth. 

Many cavities may be so deep that they extend to the nerve, often causing pain and discomfort.  When this happens, the infected part of the nerve must be removed. The remaining healthy nerve will be left intact and the empty space will be filled with dental cement and a stainless steel crown will be placed to restore the tooth.  

The purpose of a pulpotomy is to extend the life of the baby tooth, thereby avoiding the need for extraction and a space maintainer, until the eruption of the permanent tooth. In other words, the tooth can be preserved for chewing food and maintaining proper space for permanent teeth, as well as helping your child to preserve a healthy, happy smile.