The images above show an ICON procedure that was done by Dr. Yashi. This procedure was done only on the four upper anterior teeth in the images above.

ICON resin infiltration is used to treat the white spots left behind on teeth after braces are removed. It can also treat developmental defects on teeth, such as white spots or “freckles” that appear on some teeth. These post-braces spots or developmental blemishes are inherently weaker than a healthy tooth, and many patients dislike how they look.  

ICON is a resin material that penetrates the white spots or defects to make them stronger. In doing so, the blemishes reflect light in a manner similar to a healthy tooth, making the blemishes less noticeable. 

The application of ICON is painless, non-invasive, and requires no local anesthesia. Relative to other cosmetic options like veneers, ICON is also much more affordable. The results can vary and there is no guarantee the blemishes will be completely unnoticeable following treatment with ICON. However, the vast majority of our patients are highly satisfied with the outcome.