Exam & Cleaning

Preventative care is a foundation of dentistry. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends visiting your pediatric dentist regularly every six months for cleanings, examinations, and consultations for potential treatment. If your child has special needs or is more predisposed to dental caries, the dentist may recommend more frequent visits to more closely manage your child’s oral health. 

During a dental visit, the doctor will first review your child’s medical history with you. This is to ensure that we are updated on the general health of your child so that we may review any factors that may concern your child’s dental health. 

As your child takes a seat in our special chair, we check for any signs of dental decay, cavities, gum health, and perform a thorough cleaning.  Professional dental cleanings help remove built-up plaque that is not removable using conventional brushing and flossing – This built-up plaque can accumulate and result in tooth decay and gum disease. 

After the cleaning, fluoride will be applied to the teeth to help protect and strengthen the weak areas against decay. 

As a routine patient that visits the pediatric dentist at least twice a year, you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s dental health with the doctor and answer any questions you may have.  At Sunny Smiles, we believe that the relationship between the dental staff and the patient is of utmost importance.